Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hello Generals,
      Welcome back to school and back onto the competitive arenas you as Student-Athletes are training on. We look forward to more opportunities for growth and Citizenship this year through the athletic programs we offer at Thomas Nelson High School. 

Connect, Care, and Create will be three aspects we will be focusing on this year. These ideas will help us identify the things that are the most beneficial for your experience as a Student-Athlete at Thomas Nelson High School. 

Your time connecting with each other, the community and your opponent will continue to develop your character and strengthen your communication skills.

By showing care to the community, your opponents and officials will demonstrate active citizenship in our local, national, and global communities. 

By creating remarkable experiences, moments and habits within the athletic experience you will strengthen your ability to CREATE a successful Future Story.

Here are some things to remember this year as you embark on your student-athletics journey: 

-Take this opportunity to make the most of what we have together, within our programs.
-Take care of yourself, this place and each other.
-Display your Greatness, and share your Gifts.

We plan to have our Generals Make History this year as we venture into our 5th school year of Educational-based Athletics!

Good Luck and Take Care!

Athletic Director
Joshua Whitehouse