Sunday, August 30, 2015

New Athletic LEADERs

Coaches, Program Builders, and World Changers,

We are excited to officially move ahead with our new athletic LEADERship roles for 2015-2016.

Joining Dooley Mattingly on the team of athletic LEADERship will be Joshua Whitehouse, Sean Smith, and Daniel Mudd.

Sean and Daniel are both Nelson County graduates and just joined our team this year as asst. game managers for fall and winter sports. Sean is also a new History teacher at Thomas Nelson. 

Josh Whitehouse will be serving in the traditional role that Sara and Bob served in terms of communication, compliance, and program building. Due to Josh's Head coaching responsibilities he will not be as involved with game management until the spring season. Dooley will continue to serve as a primary point of contact for fall game management. We are fortunate to have both of these gentlemen heading up our athletic program.

Please click here for an overview of Athletic Director RolesThis document is living and will evolve as we learn together.

I encourage you to reference the Athletic Director Roles document if you have questions about whom to contact for what. If you’re not sure – please ask!

In the weeks ahead Josh Whitehouse and I will be reaching out to each of you to begin planning strategically on this collaborative document – World Class Program Building. Your team slide will be added as we begin the collaborative conversations with each of you to continue building World Class Programs across the school. This is a transparent way to keep the growth conversation going across all team sports. Here’s to our continued journey as a school and your work as athletic LEADERs to change our community for the better each day.