Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Student Athletes of April

Hello LEADERs and Champions,
We would like to present Shelby Clark  and Kendall Roller as our distinguished Student-Athletes of April. Their ability to LEAD within our Athletics programs, excel in the classrooms, and connect with our local community are clearly remarkable.  Please celebrate their achievement and recognize them for what they continue to do for their Athletic program, teammates, coaches, and Community.

Thank you for your time and support of Thomas Nelson Athletics,


Monday, March 27, 2017

Student-Athletes of March!

We are proud to recognize Andy Hughes and Collette Jolley as our Student-Athletes of March!
They are remarkable student-athletes who live their lives through our LEADER values and embody what it means to CONNECT, CARE and CREATE within our school and local community!
Please celebrate their accomplishments within your classrooms, athletic spaces and social media pages!

Friday, March 17, 2017

The process is what's most important . . .

To  Athletes and Coaches,

A short excerpt from Tom Murcko to think about when considering the task of competing and coaching daily here at TNHS -
"By default we tend to be forward-looking, goal-pursuing, results-focused. Why? Because we’re wired for a discontentment with the present and a striving for a better future. Because results are easier to measure and evaluate than processes. Because we know others judge us based on results and we tend to care too much what others think."

This was very true for me as I started coaching basketball.  I was worried about the W's and points scored.  We had good processes and systems in place too.  However, I was more concerned of winning each game.  I was worried that people would judge me by my Win-Loss record.  We couldn't possibly beat every opponent though.  So what would we do when we faced an overwhelming opponent?  One that left little chance to win no matter how we played.  Focus on the PROCESS! YES!

 It took that first season to see the whole picture and understand where we fell short. Our record  to own was 10-17.   I took time to reflect and think of what can make this a higher quality experience for our players, families and coaches.  What are the things we can focus on daily?  It's about the small things, the processes, the systems, and most importantly - the relationships we create along the way.  When all of the processes are going well, and a program has good relationships among all of the team members, the larger organization's success will certainly be apparent in a variety of ways.

Tom Murcko suggests focusing on the process because. . . 
-It eliminates the noise of external factors.
-It encourages experimentation.
-It lets you enjoy the process more.
-It puts you in control.
-It lets you enjoy and benefit more from whatever outcome does occur.
-It will give you confidence.

The tips on how to focus on the process he also suggests are -
+Don’t pursue the rewards directly, trust that they will come.
+Stop worrying about what others will think of your performance.
+Choose for yourself how to rate your performance. Rate yourself based on the effort, not the outcome.  Did I give my very best effort?
+Bring awareness to your performance, either during or immediately after it, so you can learn to identify when bad results follow good processes, and vice-versa - (We call this the reflection process at TNHS.
This short article reminds us what really matters along the journey to Achievement.  You see the full article - How to Live - HERE

Monday, March 6, 2017

Spring Sports Showcase - Community Partner Pledge Ceremony

Another remarkable tradition was celebrated at Thomas Nelson High School with the addition of the Community Partner Pledge to cap off the day's Spring Sports Showcase.  36 parents stepped up to "Take the Pledge" and support the creation of a  positive sport experiences for our Student-Athletes. Check out these Purple Cow Parents who stepped up to "Take the Pledge"  during our first ever, Spring Sports Showcase - Community Partner Pledge Ceremony! 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Student-Athletes of February

We are proud to recognize Alexis Malone and Levi Culver as our Student-Athletes of February! They are remarkable student-athletes who live their lives through our LEADER values and embody what it means to CONNECT, CARE and CREATE within our school and local community! Please celebrate their accomplishments within our Local Community and don't forget to share and tag those who continue the celebration!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Spring Sports 2017!

    Spring sports officially started tryouts and practices on February 15th.  It was nice to get out to each team and see the energy and enthusiasm from our Athletic LEADERs.  In our meetings in the preseason, they have described a variety of organized, well thought out visions for each of their programs and we couldn't be more proud of the work they are doing for our Student-Athletes.  Our New Softball LEADER, Holly Smith, is excited for "the growth potential for the softball program while recognizing the foundation for a solid program to grow upward."

   The Athletic Department also wants to make a special note about our Bass Fishing LEADER, Scott McMahan, who has truly taken a huge step forward with last year's team and experiences.  He is committed to developing an intentional culture and developing a program that will impact his student-athletes for a lifetime.  Last year was focused on entering tournaments and fishing.  This year, his intention is to LEAD these anglers through lessons about fishing, life skills, commitment, and character development. He feels that a "year long focus on Team/Family bonds, a variety of fishing experiences, angling skills practice and commitment to something bigger than themselves" will impact their future in a meaningful way.  He hopes that one day the lessons his anglers have learned, will lead them to become a Bass Fishing Coach as well.  Creating a legacy and developing a program seem to be the focus and commitment of our Coach, Scott McMahan.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Student Athletes of January

   We want to celebrate our remarkable Student-Athlete Generals, Maggie Parrish and Chase Howard as Student-Athletes of January.  These two student-athletes continue to excel in the classroom and in their training for the spring sports season, Track & Field.  They continue to LEAD by example and support all of their teammates and classmates each and every day.

   Maggie is seen by a LEADER as someone who " CONNECTS with her community as a Leader in her classes, active in many organizations and her church.  She is a great team leader, supports those around her and makes TNHS a better place with her CARE.  She CREATES opportunities through her hard work, her cheerful nature, and positive outlook."

    Chase was identified and nominated for someone who " is a model student athlete. It seems that he shows up to Football every day, ready to put in work and be a LEADER on the field. His effort had paid off throughout the football season.   This is in addition to being a model student - someone that asks meaningful questions in class, puts in his best effort every day, and works well with his classmates to accomplish group work. We teach our students to be LEADERS in the classroom, on the playing field, and in the community, and Chase is an exemplary LEADER for his fellow Generals to model themselves after."