Sunday, February 11, 2018

Swim Regionals

These Swimmers have demonstrated so much Discipline, strength and HUSTLE this season. No one has a chance to see the work they do daily to improve and grow. And now to see their remarkable Achievement at Regionals with their History Making performances is awesome! 

Shout out to these Student-Athletes, Josie Hamilton, Abbie Bendock, Faith Hamilton, Alexis Daniel as they are the 1st ever Girls 400 Free Relay team finishing 7th, which earned them a MEDAL at Regionals! 


Also, a big shout out to our brothers and sisters at NCHS competing and achieving at Regionals Finn O'Neill who medaled 7th in the 200 individual Medley deserves many congratulations for his hard work and Achievement!

Not to mention, they have a remarkable LEADER in Coach Carmen O'Neill who received Region 3 Swim Coach of the Year! 

Thank you, Coach, for your LEADERship, we are blessed to have you here for our community!


Monday, January 22, 2018

Student Athletes of January

Our Student-Athletes of January are our Heros! 
They continue to save the day through Discipline and Enthusiasm!
We appreciate their hard work, discipline and LEADERship daily in our Athletic programs!


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Student-Athletes of November

   We would like to present Danielle Ulery and  Jerry Wimsett as our distinguished Student-Athletes of November.   We are proud to see these student-athletes represent their community, excel in the classrooms, and create remarkable relationships within our school.  Please celebrate their achievement and recognize them for all they continue to do for their Athletic program, their teammates and coaches, and their Community. 
Thank you!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Generals Make History

Tonight marks a moment where we  need to step back from all of the thoughts of what if, and think about what matters most.  Its not the result tonight that will matter.  Win or lose.  What matters is how our young men carry themselves.  How will they face adversity?  What will they do to overcome challenges?  How will they react?  Will they give their very best, no matter the situation?   We must all value the process and trust the process.  How can we support these young men in their last game of the regular season?  
  • Show Up
  • Be Loud, Be Proud
  • Give Your VERY Best! - As fans, spectators and parents. How we react, support and face adversity will carry over to our Generals.
  • Celebrate the Process, Celebrate our Generals!